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Organizing Clients From the Inside Out: 
(16 hours of training): $990
June 14-15
November 8 - 9

Conducting Needs Assessments:
(12 hours of training): $750
June 16 (plus follow up coaching call)
November 10 (plus follow up coaching call)

Becoming a Time Management Coach (12 hours of training):  $750
July 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25 Webinar

Train MORE, pay LESS!  Save money
when you register for multiple courses.

TWO Course Combo: Total of 28 hours of training !   $1745  $1490    (SAVE $250!)

  • Organizing Your Clients from The Inside Out


  • Conducting Needs Assessments 

THREE Course Combo:  Total of 40 hours of training!  $2590 $1990     (SAVE $500)

  • Organizing Your Clients from The Inside Out
  • Conducting Needs Assessments


  • Becoming a Time Management Coach


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Conducting Needs Assessments - One day - ($750)

Organizing Your Clients from the Inside Out Two days ($990)

Register for both courses, and the total cost is $1490!

Becoming a Time Management Coach ($750)

Register for all three courses, and the total cost is $1990!

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Organizing from the Inside Out
Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens
Time Management from the Inside Out
Making Work, Work/Never Check E-mail in the Morning
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Residential Clients
Entrepreneurs/Small Business owners
Time Management clients

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Increase credentials/certification
Improve skills
Gain a new perspective on organizing
Learn to apply Julie's Inside Out organizing method/strategies
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