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Conducting Needs Assessments
Organizing Your Clients From The Inside Out
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Conducting the Needs Assessments

Create a whole new revenue stream for your business by learning to deliver a high-value, two-hour initial consultation that highly benefits clients and sets you up for success in any organizing job. Needs assessments demand a completely different skill set than hands-on organizing, requiring specific technique development practice. You will learn to think analytically, break down any new organizing project, and map out a winning plan of action based on the client’s unique needs. You will increase your closing rate by winning client trust and commitment from the very beginning. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Overcome client resistance and establish instant rapport
Diagnose the true cause of disorganization so you prescribe the right solution
Design a logical plan of action, breaking down projects into do-able steps
Accurately estimate the time required to complete any project
Generate a concise, professional report.

This course does not end in the classroom.  Following the classroom experience, students go out into the field to put to use the Needs Assessment skills learned with a practice client in their hometown.  After the field work, students attend a 2 hour live webinar facilitated by Julie Morgenstern to debrief their field experiences and get feedback.

Conducting Needs Assessments
Summer Session: Sunday, June 16th 2013 – New York City
Fall Session: Sunday, November 10th 2013 – New York City


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