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Organizing Institute Professional Training Workshops
Conducting Needs Assessments
Organizing Your Clients From The Inside Out
Becoming A Time Management Coach
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Maximize Your Skills...With Organizing Institute training workshops
Julie Morgenstern has developed cutting-edge training courses for anyone interested in her Inside Out methods, whether you are a veteran organizer or new to the field and looking for essential training. Using the “Organizing From The Inside Out” method, the Julie Morgenstern Organizing Institute provides a rich educational experience that will help you

Increase billable hours and diversify your revenue stream
Establish and elevate your credibility to boost client retention
Significantly boost your level of professionalism and confidence, and
Expand your opportunities to work with and maintain your ideal clientele.

Professional Organizers, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Corporate Trainers, Design Professionals, Counselors, Administrative Professionals and Consultants

Organizing Clients From the Inside Out: Summer Session: June 14-15 – New York City
Fall Session: November 8 - 9 – New York City

Conducting Needs Assessments:
Summer Session: June 16 – New York City
Fall Session: November 10 – New York City

Becoming a Time Management Coach Workshop: 
Summer Webinar: July 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25


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