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Becoming a Time Management Coach

Time is quickly becoming recognized as people’s most valuable resource in achieving their goals and in creating a rewarding life.   This course will teach you to prescribe time management tools and strategies based on each client’s unique needs, goals, and time management style.  Since time management coaching can be delivered via telephone and email, this service allows you to reach business and residential clients far beyond your geographic location—providing you with access to new markets and a highly profitable new revenue stream for your business.  You’ll learn to:

Discover hidden inefficiencies in your client’s schedule
Create time for what’s missing in your client’s life
Eliminate bad time management habits
Plan your client’s schedule for peak performance and fulfillment
Generate practical solutions for all personality types and situations

Becoming a Time Management Coach Workshop  (12 hours of learning)
3 WEEK WEBINAR Summer Session: Monday, July 8th, Thursday, July 11th, Monday, July 15th, Thursday, July 18th, Monday, July 22nd, Thursday, July 25th 2013

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